Among US Map

Among us map

Among us only has three maps and mastering these maps is important if you want to play the game with ease and have an advantage over your opponents.  When Among Us was released it initially only has one map, this was The Skeld Map. This has however changed and the game now has 3 maps, these include:

  • Skeld Map
  • Mira HQ map
  • Polus map

It is important to master these rooms and all their functions because each room in the among us map has functions and tools that are used to complete the different tasks that crew members are required to do.  The architecture each among us map also has structures that players can use to their advantage, a good example of this are the vents.  When plating as an imposter, it is very important for the player to have a Idea of where these vents are located in the among us map. This  help’s navigate the map. For instance, after killing a crew member, the imposter can use a vent to go to another room in the Among Us game to avoid being suspected by the remaining crew members.


Among Us skeld Map guide


In the initial game release, the skeld was the only among us map available to the players. This map is made up of 14 rooms in which players can run tasks and play the game. Out of the 14 available rooms two are lard room in the middle, 6 of the other rooms are smaller and are located on the east and side wings. Players can navigate the rooms through corridors.

Among Us Map

In the skeld among us map, some of the most important things to take note of as a player or imposter in among us are include:

The Map Structure: It has corridors that players can use to get anywhere they need to, these corridors are easy to see and do not need a lot of mastering to get used to.

The Vents:  The map has 5 vents, these vents are very important in the game, this is especially true if you are playing are an imposter in among us. The vents are an easy way to surprise and kill your opponents or hiding after an attack to avoid been caught.

Visual Tasks:  This map has 5 visual tasks. They are important to the crew member because it is easy to spot imposters who are faking tasks by looking at them.  Visual tasks are a game changer for both imposter and crew members hence every player needs to know where they are and how to check if someone is actually working on a task. The host can however switch of visual tasks in the among us map to make the game more even for the imposters.

Sabotage locations: There are 4 sabotage locations in the skeld among us map. These are locations that imposters can use to cause problems and win the game. The sabotage locations in the skeld among us map are at the communications room, the oxygen room, the electrical room and at the reactor room.

Security system:  The security system on the skeld among us map allows players to have a visual of 4 corridors at one giving them the power and control over what other crew members are doing.  The security system is however not perfect, a week point that the imposters can take advantage of is the fact that the security system does not cover the two lowest corridors in the skeld among us map.

Among us Mira HQ map guide

The Mira HQ  is the smallest when compared to other among us maps and it is made up of 12 rooms that are all different in sizes.

Among Us Map

Main things to look out for in the mira HQ among us map

Structure:  has rooms that are close to each other while others are far from each other the crew needs to stick together in order to gain an advantage over the imposters who would have a hard time killing them.

Visual tasks:  Unlike the Skeld , this one only has one Visual task. This gives an advantage to the imposters.

Sabotage locations: there are three sabotage locations in the Mira HQ map.

Security system: has no cameras; the security system has Doorlogs. The door logs record players who go through corridors that have sensors installed in them. The doorlog can record up to 20 records.


Among Us Polus map guide

The Among Us Polus map is big and is made up of 15 rooms, the rooms are lard give imposters the advantage of moving in any direction after committing an offence.

Among Us Map

Important locations in the map include:

The Vent system:  this map has not vents, the holes in the floor are a substitute of the vents. There are 12 of these holes in the entire map, imposters can use them to hide and escape after attacks.

Visual Tasks:  has visual tasks, this makes it even for both the imposters and the crew members unlike in the skeld where the imposters are at a disadvantage.

Decontamination rooms: these rooms can lock you up, imposters can take advantage of this to attack ot kill crew members.

Vitals: Vitals allow crew members  to check who is alive and who is not.


How do you get other maps on among us?

How to chose different among us maps:

  1. Host a match
  2. Select settings
  3. Chose one of the three available among us
  4. Start the game

How many maps are there in among us?

There are three among us maps these are

  1. The skeld maps
  2. Mira HQ
  3. Pollus

What is among us available on?

Amon us is available on:

  1. PC
  2. Android
  3. iOS

Who made among us popular?

Like fortnite among us is a free to play game, this is a very big factor in game popularity as it ensures that anyone who wants to play can play the among us game. Another factor that has made the game popular is its low specs requirement that ensures anyone who wants to play the game can access it on mobile, pc or iOS.

How do I change custom settings in among us?

To change the among us custom settings in among us you need to host a match

  1. Host a match
  2. Select settings
  3. Choose one of the three available among us
  4. Start the game


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