Awesome tricks to do with your printer

If you bought a printer for college or home use and haven’t found much work for the printer, well, there are a lot of neat things you can do with your printer. You can save yourself a lot of money by using your printer to make some things you would have to buy—for instance, greeting cards, fridge magnets, and many other items that would otherwise cost you money.

Here are some awesome tricks you can do with your printer:

Make fridge magnets

All you need to make fridge magnets using your printer are magnetic sheets of paper. Like the name suggests, magnetic sheets of paper are papers that can stick to metal surfaces. The papers can be easily secured in online stores. Once you buy the papers, you are all set. All you need to do is fire up your printer and print whatever fridge magnet you’d like.  You can make fridge magnets and sell them for an extra coin while in college or give them as gifts to your friends.

Make a 3D paper globe

tricks to do with your printer

Yes, it is possible to make a 3D paper globe using a regular paper printer. You don’t have to own a 3D printer to do this. The 3D paper printing idea is developed by Joachim Robert, an awesome guy who lets anyone use his work for free. He even provides Assembly instructions to make it easy for you to make your 3D paper globe.

Click here to download a free template to help you complete this fantastic project

Create board games

printers for college students

Most board games require a flat printed surface. For instance, a game like checkers can be printed by anyone. All you need is a sample of the checked board and bottle tops used as the playing pieces. Board games can come in handy when you are stuck at home during holidays or covid-19 lockdowns. All you need is your printer, and you can make different board games for you and your family. To get different board games and templates to print, you can visit The website specializes in providing printable board games.

Create Wi-Fi Booster Antenna

This sounds unreal because it sounds impossible to make an antenna using paper. Well, thanks to, you can download an antenna template and print it on a sheet of paper. You need a tin foil to attach to the printed paper, which has the basic patterns that can be used to make the antenna. Click here to check out the antenna templates.

These are just some of the awesome things you can do with your printer. You can get creative and do more things to help you while you are at school or home.

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