Is 64GB Good For A Student Laptop?

Is 64GB Good For A Student Laptop?

If you’re browsing for a laptop, one of the more confusing aspects can be picking a size for your hard drive. A lot of students are looking at 64GB hard drives because they think this is the perfect middle ground but is that always the case?

It is crucial that you get the right laptop to help you in your studies and performance. You may have been wondering whether a 64GB laptop will be a good choice or not. In this post, I will discuss the pros and cons of having a 64GB laptop.


Is 64GB Good For A Student Laptop?

The pros of 64GB laptops for students

  • Less expensive than larger laptops: This smaller capacity is less expensive to produce than larger laptop sizes. As a result, it decreases the overall cost of the laptop, making it more affordable for students.
  • Portable: One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a laptop that has 64GB of storage space is that it is smaller than other computers. This is important because students need to transport their laptops from home to school and back again. If they choose a larger computer that has more storage capacity, they may not be able to carry it around as easily during the day.
  • Better battery life: Laptops with more GB tend to have shorter battery lives. This may not be an issue for many people because they can just plug in their laptop whenever they need to use it. However, this is not ideal for students who cannot always plug in their laptop or cannot always sit near an outlet during class time; therefore, a laptop with better battery life is necessary for them. Luckily, 64GB laptops usually have a long-lasting battery life so students can take notes during class without having to worry about their laptop dying on them.
  • Lower chances of overheating: 64GB laptops have fewer components inside them than more expensive models. They don’t have as much RAM or storage space, and their processors are usually less powerful. This means that these computers tend to run cooler because there’s less to overheat. This is especially true if the laptop has a design with maximum airflow in mind. It also makes a difference if you’re using an SSD instead of a regular hard drive because SSDs don’t use as many moving parts.

Is 64GB Good For A Student Laptop?

The cons of 64GB laptops for students

    • Lack of space:A 64 gigabyte (GB) laptop provides very little storage space for schoolwork. A single movie in high-definition can take up 5 GB of space, while even the most basic word processing application such as Microsoft Word can require up to 2 GB of storage. In addition, if you want to store music and pictures on your laptop, your available memory will decrease even further as you add files.
    • Slow speeds: 64GB laptops mostly come with a small RAM. This means that if you have a lot stored on your laptop or if you have multiple programs running at once, your laptop will run more slowly. This can be very frustrating because it can make it more difficult to finish your work quickly.
  • Lower degree of reliability: The biggest drawback to choosing a laptop with only 64GB of storage is that it is not as reliable as laptops with more storage space. This is because 64GB hard drives do not have as many platters or heads as larger hard drives. If the heads or read/write arms fail on the hard drive, then the information will be lost forever and the computer may not boot up at all. This means that you need to back up files on another computer or external hard drive if you want to keep them safe.
  • Costly Upgrades: Upgrading a 64GB laptop with another 64GB or even 128GB means you’ll end up paying more than what you’d pay if it was a 256GB laptop. With the advancement in technology, most laptops are now equipped with SSD drives. SSDs have higher storage capacities and faster read-write speeds than traditional HDDs. You can’t expect to carry all your favorite movies, games, and software in a 64GB laptop

Is 64GB Good For A Student Laptop?

How much storage is 64GB on a laptop

64GB is the amount of storage space you get on a laptop. It is not the size of the hard drive, but rather how much data can be stored on it. The actual physical size of a laptop hard drive is 3.5″, but the amount of data that can fit on it is 64GB.

How many photos can you fit in 64 GB?

It depends on the file format. In general, raw files take 30 MB of space, so you can fit about 2,184 photographs in 64 GB. JPEG file is almost too much to count at 7 MB each. But if you are shooting in JPEG format, you can hold about 9400 photographs.

If you are a student, Laptops with 64GB SSDs are a great choice if it’s the only option you have, or want to make your laptop as lightweight as possible. The 64 GB is also a good way to save on the laptop’s initial purchase cost, as these devices tend to be cheaper than their 128GB counterparts.

How many videos can you fit in 64 GB?

The number of videos that can fit 64GB of storage depends on the resolution and frame rate of your video.

A 64GB storage can hold more than 1 hour and 37 minutes of video at a resolution of 2.7k at 120fps and 5 hours of video at a resolution of 1080p at 60fps.


What to do if you need more space.

If you need more storage space than what is offered in a standard 64GB laptop, consider purchasing an external hard drive that you can use with your computer. External hard drives are available in various sizes and range from 80 GB to 1 terabyte (TB). A 1TB hard drive will provide enough space for storing movies, music, photos, and schoolwork.

Is 64GB storage enough for a student laptop?

64GB is not a lot of storage. But it’s not that bad either. The main issue with these low-end laptops is not the amount of storage they have at their disposal, though. It’s the amount of RAM that comes with it, which is usually 4GB. That is simply not enough for installing anything beyond a handful of applications and a few games. It’s just barely enough to run Windows 10 itself, too.

Do you need more than 64 GB?

64 GB is a good amount of storage. If you are planning to install Windows, you will use around 10 GB, depending on the version of Windows. If you are going to install a large number of programs, then I would recommend that you buy an SSD with 128 GB or more.

Is a 64GB SSD big enough for Windows 11?

A 64GB SSD will be enough to install Windows 11, but you won’t have much space left for personal files. You need to decide if this is acceptable to you. If it is not, then you need to get a larger drive.

In the case where all your personal files are on an external drive, it will depend on how much space those take up. If they are more than 64GB in size, then no, you’ll run out of space.

In the end, I  recommend going for a larger driver and getting over with it. It’s worth the extra expense rather than going through the hassle of moving things around to make more room.

What is good storage for a laptop

The best storage for a laptop is SSD. They work super fast. 128GB or 256Gb is the best storage size. But if you want high speed and bigger storage try and get the 500GB or 1TB SSD.

There are 2 types of SSDs one has a faster read and write speed than the other. I would highly recommend the TLC SSD.

The only downside to this is that you will have less space for your files on your laptop, so for example, if you want to store loads of music, photos, videos, etc. then don’t buy an SSD as you won’t be able to fit all of your music/photos/videos onto it

If you are going to buy an SSD then I would recommend buying a crucial mx500 SSD as they have a big capacity (1TB) and they work really fast.

Is 64GB RAM enough for laptop?

64GB RAM is enough for heavy multitasking on your computer. One can use it on a workstation, as it will provide a lot of room for any of your programs and software to run smoothly. For example, if you’re a graphic designer and have multiple applications open at once, then 64GB of RAM should be enough for you.

The thing with RAM is that it’s not only about how much memory space you have but also the type of RAM and the speed at which the memory runs. So, make sure you have good quality RAM with high-speed memory to take advantage of your 64GB space.

If you are not able to use all the 64GB RAM, it’s okay as long as you get a good quality RAM that works well with your computer.

Which is better 128GB or 64GB?

128GB is a much better option as compared to 64GB. As you know that there are three types of memory, RAM, ROM, and Internal memory.

RAM: It’s a temporary memory that stores stuff you are currently using. This is why when you close an app from the background and then again open up the same app it runs faster than the first time.

ROM: It’s permanent memory where all your important apps are stored and cannot be deleted by you or factory reset.

Internal Memory: It’s also permanent storage but can be deleted by you or factory reset. In this one, your pictures, videos, music, etc. are stored.

If you buy a phone with less internal memory then your phone will lag because some apps will get stored in RAM which is temporary.

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