Why I need a Laptop for College Essay

Advantages of Laptop for Students Essay

To write an essay, one of the devices that you need is a laptop. The question is, why do students need a laptop for writing essays, and what are the consequences of not having one? In this article, I will explain to you some solid advantages of using a laptop for essay writing. The information contained within this article will also enable you to answer the question “why I need a laptop for college essay” on your own.

Word Processor and PDF reading capability.

A word processor lets you type documents easily and save them for later use. A computer with Windows operating system has a built-in Word Processor program called Microsoft Word which is suitable for typing assignments and projects. You can also use online Word processors such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online as they are free of cost and require no installation.Word Processor

A student will always need to read pdf files which contain course material, assignments or textbooks. In order to read them, you have to open these files online through your browser or pdf reading software’s available on laptops. A good alternative would be using an e-book reader such as Kindle or Nook instead of a laptop, but they are not as convenient as laptops because they do not let you annotate the document or highlight important information.

Internet Connection and emailing.

A laptop allows students to use the internet for research on essay. The internet gives access to any information needed to complete essays in a timely manner. Information provided on the internet also helps to get a better understanding of what my professor is expecting from assignments.

Laptops allow students to email their essays to the professor, have them returned with comments, suggestions and edits. Or even ask questions regarding essay’s assigned (as long as they have a Internet connection). In some cases, professors will allow students to submit essays that they have written at home on their laptops in lieu of taking an exam.

Spell Checker Grammar Checker

Laptops come with a built in spell checker, which allows students to make sure that the spelling of their essay is correct. This is a great tool for any student, because it means that they can be confident that their essay will be well written and free from errors.

Laptops also come with a dictionary, which is useful for students who are not very familiar with the English language. It means that they can look up words and phrases in the dictionary when they don’t know what they mean. This feature of a laptop is especially useful for students who are writing essays on subjects such as history or science, because they can check the meaning of certain words in the text.

Laptops also come with a built in grammar checker as well, which allows students to make sure that their grammar is correct too. This feature is particularly useful during exams, where many marks are deducted for poor grammar or spelling mistakes.


A laptop is essential for college because of the large amount of information and projects that you will need to complete. Your laptop has a large amount of storage. You can easily store your essays for future reference or revision at ease. With all of the memory that comes with laptops these days. You can even store pictures or videos from class or school events if you like.

Multi Tasking

Computers allow you to multi-task. A laptop lets you write an essay while researching on the internet or watching videos related to your subject matter. For example, say you’re writing an essay on the Cold War; you can watch documentaries and listen to music from that era while working on your essay! This reduces boredom and makes studying more interesting and engaging as well as productive because it allows you to do two things at once which saves time and effort in the long run!

Size & Portability

Laptops are lighter than desktops and you can carry them in a bag. This means that laptops are more convenient to use. For example, if you want to do your school work on the computer, you can use it in the library and get it done faster because you don’t have to wait for someone else to get off the library computer. In addition, laptops are more portable than desktop computers. If you want to do your school work on the computer at home, you could take it with you to your room and sit on your bed and do it there.Why I need a Laptop for College Essay


To be fair to laptops, they can do more than just create word documents. Nowadays, they have the advantage of being able to do a number of functions which are not possible with a simple desktop computer. Deciding to get a laptop instead of a desktop will allow you to work on your essay in multiple places such as libraries, your dorm room and home.

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Reasons why I need a Laptop for Study

  • Most of the people in the world today prefer taking notes on their computers or laptops. This is because they are more comfortable with this mode of note-taking. It is also because there are multiple advantages that one can get from using a laptop to take their notes. For instance, it is easy to type using a laptop than writing using a pen. The reason is that it takes less time and effort to write using the computer keyboard than using a pen and paper.
  • Another reason why I need a computer for study is that it makes studying easier. Computers have become an integral part of our lives because of their convenience and ease of use. Using computers allows us to be more productive as we can do more things with less time spent. This means that we can spend less time doing our studies and get more done during our free hours.
  • The third benefit of having a computer for study is that you can save money by buying your own laptop or desktop computer instead of renting one from the school or office where you work. Renting is usually expensive and time-consuming, so buying your own device will be much cheaper in the long run. It will also give you ownership over your workstation, which means that you will have complete control over the data on it and how it performs. This will make things much easier for you when it comes to working on projects at work or school, since there won’t be any issues with sharing files and making sure that everyone has access to what they need.

What are the benefits of having a laptop?

  • Doing your homework anywhere, anytime.
  • Taking notes in class.
  • Printing documents anytime.
  • You don’t have to go to the library to use the computer.
  • Sharing files with others.
  • Creating your own presentations.
  • Searching for information on the web.

What is the main purpose of laptop?

The main purpose of laptop is portability and convenience. Laptops are much smaller than desktop computers, so they can easily fit into a backpack or briefcase with other items like books and notebooks. They are also lighter weight than desktops which makes them easier to carry around all day long without feeling tired. This makes laptops perfect for people who need access to powerful computing tools but don’t want the bulkiness of an office machine.

How do laptops make life easier?

Laptops make life easier for a number of reasons. First, they are portable, which means you can take them to class, the library, coffee shops, and even on vacation. Second, they allow you to work from any place that has an internet connection.

What are some uses of laptops for students?

  • Research: Laptops are used for research by students. They are used to search for information on the internet or to search for information in books that are available online.
  • Writing: Laptops are used by students to write assignments and essays.
  • Taking Tests and Quizzes: Laptops can be used to take quizzes and tests during class.
  • Presentations: Laptops are used to create presentations using powerpoint or other presentation software such as google slides or keynote. Presentations can be given using a projector or by using a smartboard.
  • Taking Notes: Students can type their notes during class instead of writing them down with pen and paper.
  • Entertainment: Students can play games on laptops, watch movies, listen to music, and more.
  • Storing Homework: Students can store their homework on laptops so it is easier to access and submit assignments digitally instead of turning in physical copies of paper homework and assignments.
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